Rules and Regulations (original version with Parking Rules approved 1/2023)

Cobblestone Creek Homeowners Association

I.  Purpose
    These Rules & Regulations (R&Rs) have been formulated for living at Cobblestone Creek and
    have been approved for use by the Board of Directors.  They are intended to be strictly in
    accordance with the CC&Rs.  In case of a conflict, the CC&Rs take precedence.  We believe
    that the R&Rs that follow will help to maintain conformity, retain aesthetic beauty, ensure privacy,
    retain property value and minimize problems that emerge whenever a large number of families live
    together in a condominium project.

II.  Privacy
     1.  Refrain from all excessive noises.

     2.  Use of radio(s), stereo(s), television(s), musical instrument(s), etc., must not disturb other

     3.  Use of powers tools and equipment in the garage areas and other common areas should be
          restricted to the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

III.  Guests
     1.  All guests using the common area recreation facilities must be accompanied by an adult
          resident for such guests.

     2.  Consideration for neighbors should be used as to the number of guests per unit allowed in the
          unit and/or in the common area facility at any one time.  Refer to Section VII specifically
          pertaining to usage of the pool, Jacuzzi and surrounding area.

IV.  Pets
      1.  All dogs must be leashed and under owner control at all times while outside condominiums
           and in common area.  NOTE.—-  Unleashed animals in the common area are subject to being
           turned over to the Department of Animal Regulation and the unit’s owner being fined.

     2.  Pets are not allowed to urinate or deposit any waste in the common areas except for the
          designated posted areas.

     3.  Barking or excessive noise is considered a nuisance and will not be permitted.

     4.  Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

     5.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to request immediate removal of any pet that is a

 V.  Walkways & Common Areas (Excluding driveway and garage)
     1.  Running, jogging, bicycle riding, roller-skating and skateboarding are not allowed in the
          complex.  Owners can be fined for non-compliance.

     2.  Playing or walking through landscaping or stream areas is not allowed.

     3.  Littering is not allowed.

     4.  The only sign allowed are those relating to sale, lease and/or rental of units.  They must be in
           accordance with the CC&Rs and are allowed only in the area designated by the Board of

     5.  Bicycles, motorcycles, carts or other objects are not to be left at entrances to units and/or
          garages and are not to be left on walkways or in the alleyways.

     6.  All trash materials must be placed inside the provided trash bins/dumpsters.

     7.  Roof access is limited to persons maintaining or repairing the roof.

VI.  Parking, Driveways and Garages (Section Board approved on 1/2023)

  1. Occupants may park their vehicles only in their own garages or those spaces designated for resident parking by the Board of Directors. Both parking areas are for resident parking only. Parking in non-assigned resident parking spaces is limited to 72 hours. Long-term storage of vehicles, RVs, boats, etc. is prohibited.
  2. Vehicles known to be inoperative or that are visibly gravely disabled may not be parked in HOA spaces at any time. Efforts will be made to notify the owner to possibly give them some time to remove the vehicle, but vehicles meeting this category as determined by a quorum of Directors may be towed away at the owner’s expense and possibly without notice.
  3. In late 2022 a limited-term paid Parking Space Lottery Program (PSLP) was instituted by the Board. It created a Permit Only Parking Area out of the five parking spaces at the northeast interior portion of the Complex. Vehicles without a proper permit in those spaces may be towed away at the Owner’s expense. Authorized occupants of those spaces are still subject to all the existing parking restrictions within Section VI of the R&R. Refer to the PSLP Policy and Application Form for further details.
  4. The maximum speed is 5 mph.
  5. No automobile or other vehicle repairs are allowed on any portion of the common area including driveways and alleyways except in an emergency or for very limited amounts of time (no more than one hour) while the owner remains present. Fire Lanes are enforced 24/7/365.
  6. Storage of gasoline and/or other volatile materials are not allowed in garages, in or in parked vehicles

                            A) Volatile chemical materials include any flammable substances such as some paints and aerosol cans.

                            B) Chemicals are to be construed in the broadest sense of the word to ensure public safety.

                            C) This restriction does not preclude the possession/storage of one gallon or less or up to ten different types  of paint or lawn chemicals for personal use as long as they are secured from public access. Any quantities or substances in question will be ruled on by the Board of Directors.

            7. Garage charging of EV’s is currently prohibited due to the fact that the HOA pays for the electricity in the garages.  This rule was enacted in the Summer of 2021 upon the Board learning that the HOA was paying for at least one owner to charge their EV.  However, CA Civil Code 4745 requires that EV charging be permitted in HOA’s provided that the EV owner pays the electrical expense. EV owners are therefore required to submit an Architectural Review Request that involves a method for them to pay for electricity in their garage prior to commencing any work on such a project.

         8. Commercial vehicles are not permitted in any parking spaces.

                          A) Commercial vehicles are defined not only by the type of license issued to the vehicle but by the use as means of earning income or performing work as determined by a quorum of Directors.

                          B) Large or oversized company-owned vehicles are expressly prohibited.

       9. Fluid leaking from vehicles is not permitted. If fluid leakage occurs, the owner must clean-up the residue immediately and ensure the leak is terminated or remove the vehicle.

 VII.  Patios and Balconies
     1.  Any alterations are subject to prior review and approval by the Board of Directors.

     2.  Visible storage is not allowed.  This includes towels, clothes, mops, boxes, bicycles, cleaning
          items, excess furniture and/or storage cabinets, etc.

     3.  Railings and patio walls are not to be used as clothesline nor will clotheslines be hung on
          patios or decks.

     4.  Consideration for occupants below your unit should be taken when cleaning patios/balconies
           and when watering plants.

     5.  All plants hanging or otherwise, must be securely fastened.

     6.  Decks should be well maintained and waterproofed at all times to ensure structural integrity.
          Decks found to have caused damage will place the owner liable for such repairs as are found

VIII.  Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Surrounding Areas
     1.  The swimming pool and Jacuzzi are open for use between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

     2.  All persons using the facilities do so at their own risk.

     3.  Persons under the age of sixteen(16) may only use the swimming pool and Jacuzzi when
          accompanied by an adult resident.

     4.  Persons under the age of twelve(12) are restricted from the using the Jacuzzi.

     5.  For sanitary reasons children under the age of two(2) are not allowed in the swimming pool and

     6.  Use of the swimming pool, Jacuzzi and surrounding area is expressly limited to residents and
           no more than six (6) guests per unit.  Residents are responsible for the behavior of their

     7.  Smokers shall bring something unbreakable and suitable for use as an ashtray.  Users are
           responsible to promptly remove all debris and, at no time, shall any remnants be left behind.

     8.  No smoking or eating is allowed by a person who is physically in the swimming pool or Jacuzzi

     9.  Running pushing or any “horse play” in the swimming pool or its surrounding area is not

    10.  Metal, wood, glass and large flotation devices are not allowed in the pool or Jacuzzi.  No
           unattended rafts are allowed in the pool.

    11.  All food and beverages must be in unbreakable containers… NO GLASS ALLOWED.

    12.  Life-saving equipment is to be used exclusively for life-saving purposes.

    13.  Pets are not allowed in the pool/ Jacuzzi area.

    14.  Swimming pool and Jacuzzi areas may not be used for private parties.

    15.  Pool area furniture may not be removed from pool area.

    16.  The thermostat may not be reset by anyone except authorized personnel.

    17.  Chemicals or any substances may not be added to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

    18.  No jumping or diving into the Jacuzzi is allowed.  No flotation devices are allowed in the

    19.  Gate to the pool/ Jacuzzi area must be kept locked at all times.

IX.  Architectural Rules
     1.  Any and all exterior alterations or additions must have prior written approval by the Board of
           Directors.  This includes alterations or additions to interior that alter the exterior appearance
           and includes, but not limited to, window tinting, aluminum foil, “doggie door”, etc.

     2.  If an architectural change is made without the approval of the Board of Directors, the owner,
          upon notice from the Board of Directors, has thirty (30) days to either remove the change or
          appeal to the Board.

 X.  Lease of Units
     1.  Homeowners are responsible for their tenants conforming to the R&Rs and the homeowner is
           responsible for any type of damage by lessees, members of their household, guests, tenants
           and pets to the common areas. 

     2.  Homeowners must provide the Association/Board with current contact information at all times.

     3.  Homeowners are responsible for payments of their monthly Association dues regardless of
           any arrangement they may have with their tenants.

     4.  The Board of Directors shall have the power to issue a fine against any member of the
          Association found to be in violation of the CC&Rs, By-laws and/or the Rules of Regulations in
         an ammount not to exceed $250 per month for any one (1) violation.  Other methods of
         enforcement may be implemented as outlined in the CC&Rs.

XI.  Enforcement Procedures
         The members of the Board of Directors of Cobblestone Creek Homeowners Association have
          approved these Rules and Regulations and procedures for enforcement of this
           23rd day of August, 2012.

Updated on this 1st day of September, 2012.