Fine Schedule
Updated September 2012

Dear Neighbors:
This letter is written to describe the fee schedule for violations of Homeowners’ Code of Conduct and Regulations.  We all live in close proximity to each other and good basic neighborly conduct and consideration is generally sufficient to ensure that we all live in a harmonious environment.  However, occasionally some degree of discord will inevitably occur and often can be simply corrected by discussing it with the particular party who often is not even aware that their conduct or practice is offending anyone.

This simple and direct approach is usually the least offensive and quickest method for both parties and we encourage all to be receptive to each other should a neighbor approach you with a concern.  For example, often an event is of a one-time nature and not typically a just by reassuring the concerned party of the fact can often dispel tensions and reassure both parties of mutual respect as neighbors.

However, if this approach fails to resolve the situation you can bring a complaint to the Executive Board.  To begin such a process the inital complaint must be in writing and signed with sufficient details regarding the offense (e.g., what, when, etc.)  Upon receipt of the written complaint, the offending party will be notified that the complaint has been filed against them.  Both parties will be invited to the next Board Meeting to explain their version in an effort to resolve the issue.  If a resolution is not reached through this process, the Executive Board may, at its option, levy punitive measures as follows:
1st Offense-  Warning letter sent to the offending party
2nd Offense-  $50 fine
3rd offense-  $100 fine
4th Offense and higher-  $150 fine

  Fines are to be sent to Murphy Murphy & Murphy as addressed on your payment booklet.

Cobblestone Creek HOA 
C/O Murphy Murphy & Murphy 
5665 Plaza Drive. Suite 350 
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 821-5550

Inasmuch as it is an ongoing problem, a special note is made with regard to dog owners failing to pick up their dog’s feces and/or allowing a dog off its leash at any time a dog is off the owner’s unit premises are both subject to the above-referenced fine schedule.
Failure to pay these fines will result in legal action.  Lastly, the above-referenced fine schedule does not apply to parking issues which are addressed by posted parking signs.

Board of Directors